Improve your sleeping habits with this subscription to Restflix on sale for 83% off

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TL;DR: As of May 28, you can get lifelong subscription to Restflix: Restful Sleep Streaming for just $99.00. It normally costs $599, so you’re saving a whole 83%.

Falling asleep is hard. Whether you’re overworked, stressed, or just too excited to wake up the next morning (it happens!) a night of restlessness can lead to a horrible time the next day. Instead of trying supplements and pills that make you feel weird and groggy, try relaxing without having to put anything into your body at all. With Restflix, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch mindful programs that’ll help you drift off to sleep in no time.

Restflix is on a mission to help Americans regain control of their health by giving them the tools they need to fall asleep fast and stay asleep. It’s a streaming service that features over 10 personalized channels that include full sleep meditations, bedtime stories, calming visuals, and even binaural beats that work in tandem with the brain’s responsiveness. It is designed to help create a meditative and restful state within your mind so you can fall asleep. But Restflix can also be used at any point throughout the day when you need a calming moment, thanks to the channels that feature guided meditations. 

Restflix is not just for adults; it includes a special channel for kids, and a channel of soothing sounds if you just want to keep relaxing background noises on to help those in your family drift off to sleep easily. These channels feature ad-free content that has no interruptions when you’re playing an audio loop. Since new content is added weekly, this lifetime subscription will never get stale or boring.

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Normally lifetime access to Restflix retails for $599, since new content will be added forever. But now for a limited time, you can gain access for life for just $99— that’s 83% off the regular retail price.

 Prices subject to change.

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