Diablo Immortal looks pretty weird on some Samsung devices

Diablo Immortal apparently has some wild visual glitches on some Samsung devices with Exynos chips, which in some cases render the game largely unplayable. It’s hard to explain just how weird some of the issues are, so I recommend you look for yourself in these two videos from users on Reddit.

Blizzard released Diablo Immortal, the latest game in the popular dungeon-crawling franchise, on iOS, Android, and PC last week. Unlike previous entries, Diablo Immortal is free to play, and in addition to these strange glitches, Blizzard has come under scrutiny for how much it costs to fully upgrade your character.

Fortunately, Blizzard is aware of the visual problems, according to a community lead. “We are exploring the issues people are experiencing with some Samsung Galaxy specific devices that use Exynos chipsets,” the lead wrote on Reddit five days ago. “For now, we may disable downloads for this set of devices while we work to address this. Apologies on this and we will be working on getting a fix up and ready as soon as possible.”

According to the Blizzard community lead, the below Galaxy devices are affected, though some Reddit users say other devices not included on this list are having problems with Diablo Immortal as well:

Galaxy A12

Galaxy A13

Galaxy A21s

Galaxy A51 5G

Galaxy A Quantum

Galaxy S10e

Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10+

Galaxy S10 5G

Galaxy Note10

Galaxy Note10 5G

Galaxy Note10+

Galaxy Note10+ 5G

Galaxy F12

Galaxy F62

Galaxy M12

Galaxy M13

Galaxy M62

Galaxy XCover 5

A fix has been found, the community lead wrote three days ago, “but will require a new build to be generated and thus a new build to all new players. We will update on timing once we have a better idea on when this will be completed.” Activision Blizzard didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment.

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