Get a matching magnetic wireless charger for your iPhone for 59% off

Phone lying on table with light blue battery pack next to it

TL;DR: As of June 12, the Speedy Mag Wireless Charger for iPhone is on sale for $48.99, making it 59% less than its regular price of $119.95.

No longer must our precious devices be tethered down by cords. These days, you can simply snap a battery pack onto the back of your phone via magnets and let it go to work. And yet, so many of us aren’t taking advantage of this futuristic feature. If you’re in the market for a new charger or even just a little bit curious about how game-changing MagSafe charging is, snag the Speedy Mag Wireless Charger for your iPhone — it’s on sale for 59% off for a limited time.

The Speed Mag charger is a solid introduction to MagSafe technology. Not only does it conveniently attach via magnet to the back of your iPhone 12 or 13, but it also looks good doing so. It’s built to match your phone (that is, if you have a blue, black, or white device). It packs fast-charge technology, which it claims can get your phone from zero battery life to fully juiced in just 30 minutes. If you forget to take off the battery pack in 30 minutes, no worries. It has built-in safeguards against overcharging as well. There’s also a mini screen that alerts you to how much battery percentage is left in the pack.

If you’re an older iPhone user waiting for the iPhone 14 to drop, you can still use this sleek charging pack as well. Although you may not have MagSafe capabilities, you can just lay your device on top of the Speedy Mag and use it like a typical Qi wireless charging pad. There’s also an onboard USB port you can use to charge devices that don’t offer Qi compatibility.

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At just 5 inches by 3 inches, the Speedy Mag is a solid choice for on-the-go charging. It won’t take up much space when you aren’t using — or even when you are. Snag one in sierra blue, white, or graphite to match your phone for just $48.99. That’s 59% off the MSRP.

Prices subject to change.

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