Listen to some tunes on a Bluetooth-enabled turntable on sale

mbeat® PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player connecting to a laptop on a white background.

TL;DR: Through July 31, you can get a mbeat® PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player for just $224 instead of $363 — that’s a 38% discount.

While there may not be any one objectively right way to listen to music, you might have your own right way. If you like the authentic retro experience of putting on vinyl and enjoying some analog tunes, that experience doesn’t have to be lost. With the mbeat® PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player, you can get all the essential components for an authentic analog listening experience with a touch of modern technology. For a very limited time, you can get this authentic retro vinyl player on sale for $224 (Reg. $363 now through July 31.

The mbeat® PT-18K is a modern-made turntable with a classic build. It’s been fitted with a full-sized metal alloy platter, and the PT-18K produces fewer vibrations and signal disturbance for a clear listening experience. Use the adjustable tonearm to let the needle run without distortion at any position on the disk. You can also connect your own wired or Bluetooth speakers and enjoy high-fidelity playback on new or old records. Made from timber MDF and weighing just over one pound, this turntable has a retro look to match the sound.

The mbeat® PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player can play 33/45 PM vinyl with a speed variance of  ±1%. If you don’t want to connect your own speakers, you can record directly to your PC and digitize your record collection.

Listen to your vinyl records on a machine that could give them their most authentic sound in years. Normally, the mbeat® PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player would cost $363, but the price is being dropped to $224 now through July 31 — don’t miss this discount! 

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Prices subject to change.

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