Hear your favorite records on modern speakers with this Hi-Fi turntable

Mbeat Hi-Fi Turntable with Bluetooth Speaker on a table.

TL;DR: As of July 26, you can get the Mbeat Hi-Fi Turntable for just $279.99 instead of $369.95 — that’s a 24% discount.

Probably the moment after vinyl stopped being the most popular format for listening to music, people have been arguing about the “true” way to listen to music. Arguments can be made in either direction, with records representing the chance for a 100% analog audio experience and digital formats may lose some data in the process of translating notes into beautiful ones and zeros. Still, you can’t wear down a file in the same way you can a record.

It’s a treat for modern music lovers that they don’t have to choose a side. The Mbeat Hi-Fi Turntable has modern, Bluetooth-enabled speakers and the potential for analog speakers to be installed, and it’s currently 24% off at only $279.99. 

The Mbeat Hi-Fi Turntable has a classic look but could play your record collection with that same timeless sound. This fully manual, belt-driven turntable has a full-sized platter for 33/45 rpm playback and a beautiful sepia-tone dust cover. The improved tracking should be able to translate your records in stunning clarity. Or you can connect your phone to the Bluetooth speakers and play your Spotify playlist on a record player that looks straight out of the golden age. 

Though it has four Bluetooth speakers built in, those aren’t your only options for listening. This turntable also has RCA and auxiliary connectors, so you should be able to get a fully-analog sound, which some users find to be better quality than going from analog to digital, even if the change might be negligible. That sound may also come out clearly through the reduced noise function on the Mbeat. It can dampen unwanted vibrations and minimize noise for a clear, beautiful sound. 

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You don’t have to decide what the right way to listen to music is if you’ve got some of the best of analog and digital sound in front of you. For a limited time, get the Mbeat Hi-Fi Turntable with Bluetooth Speaker on sale for $279.99 (Reg. $369). 

Prices subject to change.

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