Save desk space with a lamp that charges your phone and works as a speaker

3-in-1 lamp, charger & speaker combo on a colorful background.

TL;DR: As of Aug. 3, you can get the 3-in-1 lamp, charger, and speaker combo for just $47.99 instead of $122.99 — that’s a 60% discount.

How much clutter can you put up with on your desk? Just having a lamp, phone charger, and speaker can take up a lot of room. Save space without losing any of your go-to desk or nightstand accessories by getting the Ethos QLS 3-in-1 Lamp, Charger, and Speaker. This compact desk lamp has a touch-sensitive LED light, a wireless charger, and a Bluetooth subwoofer, and for a limited time, it’s only $47.99 (Reg. $122).

The QLS is a simple space-saving solution for your desk or nightstand. It has an adjustable light bar that can move 180 degrees with horizontal and vertical positioning. Adjust to any of the four levels of brightness with a tap of your finger. 

But it’s not just a lamp. You can also use the Ethos to charge your phone with up to 15W of wireless fast power. Just set your phone on the wireless charging pad and make sure the QLS is plugged into a powerful wall adapter, preferably one that can produce over 20W of power. You can even use Ethos as a mobile phone stand and browse or stream from your upright screen. 

If you like to work at home with a little music playing or peacefully fall asleep to the sound of a podcast, you can connect your phone to the subwoofer speaker built into your lamp. If you get a call while your phone is connected, you can activate the hands-free call function to answer or ignore the call. All this on a device that’s eight inches at its widest point and totally travel-ready. 

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Clear up some space on your desk or nightstand by getting a lamp, wireless charger, and speaker all in one. For a limited time, get a 3-in-1 lamp, charger, and speaker combo on sale for $47.99, marked down 60% from $122. 

Prices subject to change.

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