Save your work with two 10TB cloud storage drives at a hefty discount

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TL;DR: As of August 17, you can get the Degoo Premium Backup Plan Bundle for just $159 instead of $7,200 — that’s a 97% discount.

Reliable cloud storage could be instrumental for professionals working remotely, at home, or even returning to the office. Degoo Premium Backup Plan gives you unlimited access to two 10TB cloud storage accounts, and for a limited time, it’s only $159. 

Two accounts with 10TB of cloud storage each

Cloud drives are often an affordable way to create one centrally-accessible file hub. This bundle gives you two, and you can access either account’s cloud drive from all of your devices, whether they’re smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Use it as a convenient way to switch between devices without losing your work or for simple, safe file management. Degoo locks your files behind 256-bit AES and end-to-end encryption

Once you’ve uploaded your files, you can organize them for easy access. If you want to share files with friends or coworkers, you could send them via email, link, or use a messaging app. 

Plus, if you have trouble remembering to back up your files regularly, you can set up automatic file detection, which can copy files to Degoo when it notices file changes. File uploads are limited to 1GB, so you may not be able to use Degoo as your online video library, but it has tools to help you manage photos and other smaller files. However, Degoo offers up to 50GB at an additional charge if you want to upgrade to a larger file size limit.

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20TB for photos, documents, and more for life 

A cloud drive of this size could be helpful for numerous purposes. If you are returning to your education, picking up new work, or want to get your file management under control, this lifetime subscription to the two-account, lifetime Degoo Premium Backup Plan bundle could be a good match. These combined plans would usually cost you $7,200, but they’re only $159 with this deal. 

Prices subject to change.

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