Best cases for the iPhone 8 Plus, according to customer reviews

The release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were possibly the most comforting release ever. Sure, the iPhone X’s changes are insanely cool — but a huge part of Team Apple was intimidated by the thought of making the leap to such a fancy spaceship phone. (An iPhone without a home button? What is this blasphemy?)

For those still stuck with an iPhone 6 or 7 but who aren’t ready to convert to the X, the iPhone 8 is the perfect middle ground. The 8 features a gorgeous glass back (compared to the previous aluminum of the 7), a better camera with faster shutter speeds, and our beloved portrait mode. You’re also getting updated speakers and wireless charging — all while still enjoying the beloved home button and touch ID. And everyone knows that having the bigger Plus immediately feels fancier.

However, the Plus is the largest, heaviest iPhone, making it the hardest to grab and easiest to drop. That huge, tablet-like screen is dope, but these bad boys require a case.

There are an overwhelming amount of iPhone 8 Plus cases to choose from. Like, so many that you’d almost rather risk it than sit down and search through pages of options.

Good news: The work has been done for you.

We probed Amazon and other online retailers to narrow down your options and pick out the very best iPhone 8 Plus cases, based on customer reviews. To make your life even easier, we’ve broken them down by style and price. We’ve got plain cases, we’ve got hardcore protection cases, and we’ve got the most sparkly cases you’ve ever seen.

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There’s something for everyone.

No frills cases for the iPhone 8 Plus

If you’re not in the mood for anything special and just want to get the whole ordeal over with, check out four well reviewed cases that will get the job done.

Heavy duty cases for the iPhone 8 Plus

Hectic work environment? Outdoor enthusiast? Just kinda clumsy? These fully armored cases are the insurance your iPhone is begging for, giving you OtterBox grade protection without the OtterBox price tag.

Wallet cases for iPhone 8 Plus

Stop accidentally leaving your wallet at the bar and just get a wallet phone case already. Your phone is always in your hand, so if your wallet’s attached to it, there’s a way lower chance that you’ll forget it. (Plus, they look crazy professional.)

Super stylish iPhone 8 Plus cases

Last but not least, here are some genuinely stylish cases for those who understand that mirror selfies are a serious art form. Because sometimes, a phone case is more than just phone protection — it’s an extension your personal aesthetic.

Charging cases for iPhone 8 Plus

It’s no secret that iPhone batteries start to get a little *testy* after the first year of usage. And getting stuck out in the wild (concrete jungle included) without a charger is the definition of torture. Give yourself a backup plan with these cases that have built-in portable chargers.

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