AirPods are only $100 if you shop the second-generation model

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Save $29.01: New AirPods Pros out yesterday, new AirPods price drop today. As of Sept. 8, the second-generation AirPods are $99.99 at Amazon and Walmart, marking a 22% markdown from their new $129 MSRP.

It’s a big week for the second generations in the AirPods line.

Following the announcement of the second generation AirPods Pro at yesterday’s Apple event, the company dropped the MSRPs on the third generation AirPods to $169 from $179 and the second generation AirPods, from $159 to $129.

The second-gen price drop seems well-timed considering the buds did debut all the way in 2019. However, they’ve held up to the test of time, and price-wise, are a better value than the lackluster third generation AirPods. Which is why it’s especially exciting that as of Sept. 8, the AirPods got yet another (temporary) price drop and are on sale for $99.99 at Amazon and Walmart.

At $100, these buds are just over $10 away from the lowest price they’ve ever hit. It’s a great deal if you want a pair of easy-to-connect Apple buds with the H1 chip without spending $170 or more. They may not have the latest and greatest features like spatial audio or active noise cancellation, but for a standard pair of headphones in the Apple ecosystem, these AirPods are a solid pick.

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