Make this refurbished MacBook Air your all-purpose computer for only $549.99

Refurbished Apple MacBook Air on a colorful background.

TL;DR: As of September 14, you can get the Refurbished Apple MacBook Air for just $549.99 instead of $999.99 — that’s a 45% discount.

What do you use your computer for the most? Does it go to work with you, move from class to class, or is it more of a streaming machine? Sometimes, you may want one laptop for each function, but other computers may work well doing a bit of everything. This refurbished MacBook Air could be a great general-purpose laptop, and it’s just $549, marked down 45% from its usual price of $999. 

A computer that does a bit of everything

This compact MacBook has a battery life that is built to last up to 12 hours. Whether you’re using it during your workday or have a packed course load, that battery should carry you through to the end of the day, or at least long enough to find an outlet. Weighing just under three pounds, it also shouldn’t over-burden your backpack or even your travel bags.

Locally save your own video collection on the 128GB SSD or stream something from your favorite service. Either way, your content of choice should look great rendered by the Intel HD Graphics 6000 GPU and put on the beautiful 13.3-inch Retina Display. With 8GB RAM, you could also get some gaming in. 

Refurbished with a grade of “B”,  the only signs that this laptop was used before should be limited to light scuffs and dings on the case. However, it does only have two USB-C ports, so if you want to connect to other devices without using Bluetooth, you may want to grab a port hub

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Get a computer for work, school, or fun

If you’re looking for a great practical, multi-purpose computer, this refurbished MacBook could be a great fit. Regularly $999, get a refurbished Apple MacBook Air on sale for $549.99.

Prices subject to change.

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